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With its novascale bullion, Bull is back in force in the enterprise server market

- Bull delivers an effective combination of robustness and agility, with novascale bullion, specifically designed for the virtualization of business critical applications
- Bull launches the first enterprise server with native VMware virtualization software
- Bull takes its customers a major step forward for building private cloud computing infrastructures

Paris, April  6, 2010 -


Faced with the proliferation of enterprise servers and the resulting unnecessary waste of resources, Bull is today announcing the launch of novascale bullionTM, a unique scalable high-end server, designed to respond to business needs for more reliable infrastructures, high-availability, greater agility and energy management.

novascale bullion, specifically designed for virtualization of business critical applications

novascale bullion represents a major advance towards a private enterprise cloud computing infrastructure. Through its open, global approach, novascale bullion optimizes resource management and facilitates project development. With its native virtualization capabilities based on VMware technology, novascale bullion makes it possible to run multiple critical applications simultaneously, on a single machine. With no duplication and no wasted resources, novascale bullion represents a concentration of technologies that is resolutely modular and knows how to adapt to meet changing demand, thanks to the advent of the 'scale-up' approach.

As a true 'instrument for business', novascale bullion has been conceived and developed by Bull with the aim of delivering an innovative and open response to organizations' needs. Designed and implemented by Europe's largest team of experts specialized in critical systems, novascale bullion is revolutionary in its promise to reconcile apparently irreconcilable choices. Given that critical applications are central to business growth, they require high levels of security, robustness, flexibility and availability. The traditional solution of 'a server for each application' - long seen as the simplest and most robust approach - is now coming up against a hard reality: the proliferation of hundreds, even thousands of servers that are hard to manage, with questionable reliability and security. This results in enormous waste in terms of floor space, energy bills and the cost of buying and running the servers.

Didier Lamouche, Chairman and CEO of Bull, comments: "Based on the same technology platform as bullx - which was named as 'the world's best supercomputer' in the USA - novascale bullion is a clear illustration of the new dimension that Bull has taken on. With its native integration of the very best virtualization technologies, novascale bullion will be a credible alternative to the standard solutions offered by the more traditional players in this market. As a major European player in the digital economy, Bull now defines itself as a technology leader that is proud to deliver unlimited innovation for its customers."

"Customers are looking for integrated IT solutions that are scalable, flexible and energy efficient," said Tod Nielsen, Chief Operating Officer, VMware. "Our new OEM relationship with Bull will provide customers new options for achieving 100 percent virtualization as they build the foundation for cloud computing"

novascale bullion already adopted by customers for their business critical applications

"Looking at the different technologies we are utilizing, novascale bullion gives us a better utilization of the resources in terms of CPUs and memories and that's quite important for the SAP hosting services. We are able to achieve a better quality and a higher availability of our services and that's our main targets we want to achieve with our new novascale bullion systems" underlines Ekkehard Spieth, General Manager and Head of the Information Services Division of Freudenberg IT, Germany

"novascale bullion is the answer to consolidate our business critical applications in the Xeon environment while providing robustness and simplicity" said Patrick Da Paré, Deputy CIO, MSA, France

novascale bullion: a powerful combination of operational excellence and low running costs

With its modular architecture, novascale bullion is one of the most powerful, scalable platforms available for this market, enabling businesses to supercharge their capacity for growth. It offers all the advantages of continuous availability with built-in redundancy of critical components, hot-swapping, the ability to update or add components without having to power down the machine, automatic correction and predictable maintenance.

The modular architecture means customers only pay for what is really be used or consumed, according to the 'pay as you grow' model. novascale bullion also uses standard components to deliver a better performance/cost ratio and much greater openness. novascale bullion provides one of the highest number of virtual machines per socket and per physical machine, which reduces the cost of software licenses and support. With fewer objects to manage, simplified high-availability architectures, a built-in disaster recovery plan and easier updates for hardware, software and firmware alike, systems administration costs for novascale bullion are considerably lower than 2-socket server architectures.

novascale bullion, a quality of service never before available in the standard world

Frank Hauck, Executive Vice President, EMC Corporation, said, "For more than 15 years, EMC and Bull have worked together to provide our mutual customers with leading technology to get the maximum value from their information. With our partnership now focused on helping customers virtualize their data centers and journey to the private cloud, we are again delivering capabilities that offer the highest levels of flexibility, cost-effectiveness and performance. The combination of Bull's innovative new novascale bullion enterprise server and EMC's leading Symmetrix V-Max storage systems in a virtual infrastructure environment provides the foundation for a dynamic and agile information infrastructure."

Because it has been designed using open, standard systems, novascale bullion integrates into existing environments with great ease, and with no interoperability problems. The smaller number of components to manage and maintain, combined with its disaster recovery and HA architectures, makes it extremely simple to control the businesses' resources. bullion is available with powerful solutions like Bull System Manager and VMware vCenterTM Server to maximize flexibility for greater responsiveness.

novascale bullion architecture leverages on Bull Coherence Switch (BCS) technology - designed 100% by Bull - which has been specifically conceived to meet organizations' demands for scalability. The true backbone of the system, BCS delivers unlimited scalability enabling businesses to adapt the resources they need to support their applications, without impacting operational expenditure.

To guarantee the highest levels of service quality for this kind of high-end server, Bull has also put in place a comprehensive offer of services. This not only covers implementation, roll-out, maintenance and support, but also consulting, virtualization, high availability, performance management and architecture optimization. All these services draw on the Group's extensive expertise in mission-critical servers.

novascale bullion opens the way to designing Bio Data Centers with energy-saving infrastructures

novascale bullion lifecycle is fundamentally 'green': from its initial design (to meet the most demanding environmental standards), through its highly energy-efficient operational life to its ultimate recycling, governed by extremely strict standards and processes.

Native virtualization and resource sharing enable organizations to combine high performance with intelligent energy consumption. For example, the patented power supply used by novascale bullion reduces on average the energy consumption by 40% according to the tests performed by Bull Competence Centers. Moreover, customers can achieve a 70% improvement in energy consumption compared with traditional 2-socket server architecture.

In addition, the dynamic power management features offered by Bull System Manager reduce energy consumption depending on workload for the CPUs, fans, memory and put in stand-by mode resources that are not being used. Finally, using low-energy components reflects Bull's move towards environmentally friendly business practices.

Technical features

"We are very pleased to see Bull bring to market a new 4s platform based on the Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series. By taking advantage of its new levels of performance and advanced RAS features, they are able to deliver compelling solutions for the European Enterprise market" says Boyd Davis, General Manager of Intel's Data Center Marketing Group.

novascale bullion has been developed with dense and modular packaging. Each module includes four Intel® Xeon® 7500 series processors, 512GB RAM, six PCIe slots and a patented active/passive power supply that significantly improves energy efficiency.

VMware vSphereTM virtualization hypervisor, which is natively integrated into novascale bullion, helps ensure optimum resource utilization.

The use of Bull Coherence Switch (BCS) technology means the following options are possible:

  • Four modules are stackable, to form a single system with up to 16 sockets and 128 cores

  • Up to 2TB RAM to support virtualized and memory-hungry applications

  • 24 PCI slots to connect to 10Gb/s Ethernet and/or 8Gb/s Fibre Channel networks, for secure access to data and dedicated bandwidth for mission-critical applications

  • 16 embedded Ethernet 1Gb/s connexions, to provide network security and dedicated bandwidth

  • 32 hot-swappable SAS or SDD disks, with 9.6TB of disk space in RAID mode

A 16-socket 12U novascale bullion server can be accommodated in a 19" rack.

Bull acknowledges the rights of proprietors of trademarks mentioned herein. VMware, VMware vCenter and VMware vSphere are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of VMware, Inc. in the United States and/or other jurisdictions. Intel and Xeon are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of Intel Corp. in the United States and/or other juridictions.

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