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Bull rejuvenates the mainframe, with the launch of a new novascale gcos server

  • The world's first mainframe natively equipped with an Open Source database, for intensive production
  • The new novascale gcos 9010 running gcos 8 is combining Extreme Computing technologies, and technologies to support mission-critical applications
  • Bull affirms its leadership in open, mainframe-class systems designed to protect the organizations' information capital and help it grow
  • With novascale gcos, mainframes enter the world of private Cloud Computing

Paris (France), Phoenix (Arizona), April  27, 2010 -

Combining the best of the mainframe with the best from the open world, novascale gcos 9010 reaffirms the novascale family's natural ability to support intensive, and ultra-secure production with high performance levels. With novascale gcos 9010, Bull is providing an innovative and customized solution to meet organizations' demands: effectively combining security for critical data, application performance, optimization of IT resources, and openness towards the world of industry standards and Open Source.

Philippe Miltin, Vice-President of Bull's Products and Systems Division comments: "We have designed our new generation of mainframes with an obsessive focus on service continuity, performance and openness, to give large organizations more headroom to leverage their information capital. The new systems are equipped with technologies born directly out of those used in our bullx supercomputers: named in the USA as the world's best supercomputers, at the end of 2009."

novascale gcos 9010: a new generation of mainframe-class servers is born, to meet the IT challenges faced by big organizations

For many years now, organizations have responded to changing information needs and the unprecedented explosion in the amount of data simply by adding more and more servers. But this kind of proliferation entails many risks: increasingly complex systems administration, higher total cost of ownership, higher energy bills, less data security, deterioration in application performance¿

As part of an approach based on consolidating both information and systems, the aim is to promote the emergence of genuine service-oriented platforms instead of cost-generating platforms. This explains the advent of the new generation of very large-scale Data Centers and private Cloud computing architectures actively supported by Bull, with the aim of offering organizations access to unlimited innovation, with no constraints.

So, for example, the Caisse Nationale d'Allocations Familiales (CNAF) - the ¿family branch' of the French social security system, which manages benefit payments for some 37 million people - has chosen to adopt the new novascale gcos 9010 servers, to form the backbone of the majority of its new IT production infrastructure.

"We chose the new Bull novascale gcos 9010 server to meet the demands for performance, service continuity and openness required for our information system," explains Gérard Russeil, Information Systems Director at CNAF. "Its architecture - designed by Bull - and Intel® Itanium® 9300 processors perfectly meet CNAF's expectations. Tests carried out over a number of months have demonstrated a level of performance, both for transactional and batch processing, combined with the new PostgreSQL production database, that will enable us to confidently embark on a program to consolidate several production centers into a single Data Center."

For Bull, mainframe-class servers, with their centralized architecture, set the benchmark in terms of quality and availability. But modernizing the mainframe should mean capitalizing on industry standards: deliberately choosing open components to provide a real guarantee of scalability. The architecture of the new system - born directly out of Extreme Computing - enables gcos applications to connect directly with Open Source databases, via an ultra high-speed InfiniBand network, as well as with Oracle and Microsoft databases. With novascale gcos 9010, Bull is providing an innovative and customized solution thus modernizing the mainframe to protect organizations' information capital and enable it to grow.

novascale gcos 9010: featuring a native Open Source production database

The design of the novascale gcos 9010 incorporates the benefits of Open Source to offer organizations much greater freedom. With the PostgreSQL database, it effectively combines open software and intensive production with very high levels of performance and reliability. Finally, its interoperability tools ensure that traditional applications written in COBOL interact effectively with new Java-based applications.

Jean-François Bauduin, novascale gcos servers Director at Bull comments: "Capitalizing on our expertise in mission-critical systems and Open Source, novascale gcos 9010 clearly demonstrates Bull's ability to design large-scale centralized infrastructures that are both highly secure and capable of growing in line with the changing needs of public and private sector organizations."

Designed mainly for intensive production, novascale gcos 9010 takes all the characteristics of mainframe hardware and software reliability, and pushes back the boundaries even further. By incorporating a comprehensive range of functionalities, such as hot-swapping of components and automated incident management, it delivers greater security and optimum availability to its users.

novascale gcos 9010: a truly energy-efficient mainframe

The design of this new generation of novascale gcos systems benefits from advances made possible by new technologies - most importantly new Intel processors, memory and disk sub-systems - leading to significant reductions in electricity consumption and heat dissipation, in a smaller footprint. All this is fully in line with Bull's Bio Data Center approach, aimed at creating environmentally-friendly, scalable Data Centers, designed to meet the most demanding service level requirements.

"Intel has been collaborating closely with Bull over a number of years on platforms based on Intel architecture," confirms Pauline Nist, General Manager, Mission Critical Computing Segment, Intel. "We are proud to be contributing to the greater scalability, performance and reliability of the new generation of gcos servers for mission-critical applications, using the Intel® Itanium® 9300 series processors."

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