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Evidian unveils Identity & Access Manager 9, a major release for business oriented administration of access rights

Paris, September  14, 2010 -

Evidian, the European leader in identity and access management, announces Identity & Access Manager 9, available standalone or integrated with other products in Evidian's identity and access management software suite.

Identity & Access Manager 9 is a complete and integrated solution for managing the lifecycle of digital identities and related rights in an organization. Unique in the comprehensiveness of its features and native integration of several technologies such as role management, workflow engine and reconciliation, as well as upstream and downstream provisioning of existing identity repositories, the Evidian Identity & Access Manager 9 solution significantly reduces implementation time and costs.

Hassan Maad, COO of Evidian, said "Many organizations need to quickly implement a rigorous management of user identities and access rights. These access rights must be continuously adjusted to fit with business roles and organizations, and be auditable at any time. Economic pressure being very strong, we have strived to focus Identity & Access Manager 9 on essential aspects such as simplicity and quick results in order to reduce the implementation costs of an identity and access management system."

Identity & Access Manager 9 can be installed quickly by leveraging the identity reference bases that exist in a company's human resources services or IT infrastructure. Unlike other identity management solutions, it does not require any change to the existing directory infrastructure, and provides a unified, central view of processes that are initiated directly by operational staff. Organizations save big by preserving their investments in existing directories. Natively integrated modules such as role, identities or access management instantly collaborate to provide compliance reports and allow the allocation of new rights.

The accumulation of legacy user access rights, inherited via organizational changes, inhibit internal controls and prevent compliance with the organization's business rules. Identity & Access Manager 9 includes validation workflows and, via a predefined policy, ensures that identity information stays consistent and processes comply with security rules. To that end, it compares the access rights defined by a role- and business rules-based policy with those observed on various systems and applications targets, which it can then automatically adjust. With Identity & Access Manager, Evidian offers a control tower that makes it possible to get a clear view on the access and detect inconsistencies in the implementation of an rights management policy.

The new Identity & Access Manager 9 solution makes it possible to grant rights, either automatically via a batch process consistent with a validated policy or a new rule, or as a result of an approval workflow. Operational employees use a new service-oriented interface to manage requests that are directly made by users. Through this interface, employees, their managers or mission leaders can request themselves an access to an application or service. Provisioning features in Identity & Access Manager 9 can automatically create a user's access rights on supported systems and applications.

Identity & Access Manager 9 makes it possible to manage access rights closer to operational users, with the ability to delegate part or all of these rights depending on the target organizations. The Evidian solution aims to reduce the cost and rigidity of a centralized administration.

Key Identity & Access Manager 9 features include:

  • Creation of unified views for enterprise identities based on the existing identity repositories. Identity & Access Manager 9 makes it possible to synchronize these repositories on demand or automatically. It makes sure they stay consistent via updates based on an approval workflow if necessary.

  • Self-service management for users, allowing them to request additional access rights which are awarded after a validation consistent with the security policy.

  • Validation workflow via email and web so that officials determined by the existing policy approve or deny requests for user access.

  • Delegated administration of the security policy, making it possible to define and verify its implementation close to the organization concerned.

  • User rights provisioning in applications to automate the creation, modification and deletion of access rights. A new user will obtain her access rights very quickly, and these rights will be automatically deleted on her departure.

  • Reconciliation engine that performs, on demand or automatically, a check of the differences between a security policy and its actual implementation on resources in order to make the necessary adjustments.

  • Unified audit collection process of all access rights: identity references in directories, accounts in applications and resources and associated permissions.

  • Native connection with other functions in Evidian's IAM suite, such as "Web Access Manager" to secure partner and customer access, "Authentication Manager" and "Enterprise SSO" to manage single sign-on and grant subsequent access rights automatically without having to provide passwords.

Evidian Identity & Access Manager is available on October 1st from Evidian and its partners

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