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Amesys press release

Paris, September  1, 2011 -

Given that a great deal of erroneous and false information has recently appeared in the media, Amesys wishes to make the following clarifications.

Amesys signed a contract with the Libyan authorities in 2007. The relevant hardware was delivered in 2008. The contract was related to the making available of analysis hardware concerning a small fraction of the Internet lines installed at that time (a few thousand). This did not include either Internet communications via satellite (as used in Internet cafes), encrypted data such as Skype-type communications, or filtering of Web sites. In addition, the hardware used did not allow for the monitoring of either fixed or mobile telephone lines.

The contract was concluded at a time when the international community was in the process of diplomatic rapprochement with Libya, which was looking to fight against terrorism and acts perpetrated by Al Qaeda (2007 was the year in which the Bulgarian nurses were released). (In December 2007 Muammar Gadhafi made an official visit to France; in July 2009 Muammar Gadhafi met with Barack Obama in Italy).

All Amesys' business dealings comply rigorously with the legal and regulatory requirements set out in international, European and French conventions. Amesys does not operate any telephone or Internet monitoring centers, anywhere worldwide.

Amesys has always put the emphasis on development in geographic areas with which France and Europe are forging strategic partnerships.

The company's strategy is to develop and refine critical IT systems that enable its customers to protect their digital assets and the physical security of their personnel (such as the Shadow system, which is used to jam the remote detonation of improvised explosive devices as vehicle convoys pass by).

Amesys' activities also adhere strictly to the internal procedures defined in order to avoid any irregularities within the Bull Group, of which it has been a subsidiary since 2010.

Amesys never normally comments specifically on its activities in particular geographic regions. However, given the exceptional circumstances in Libya, it wishes to counteract any misinformation that may be detrimental to its staff, customers or partners.

Amesys reserves its rights in relation to any infringement that may affect its image or reputation.

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