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Bull novascale gcos 9012 servers: a giant leap forward for critical applications

  • With a 2.5 times increase in overall processing power thanks to its Intel® Itanium® 9560 processors, Bull's most powerful ever mainframes can be operated from a simple tablet computer for fingertip control
  • Featuring a native Open Source production database, novascale gcos 9012 servers combine supercomputing technologies and technologies to support critical applications
  • Bull reaffirms its position as a leader in mainframe-class open systems that protect organizations' information capital and enable it to evolve

Paris (France), Phoenix (Arizona), November  20, 2012 -

With the new novascale gcos 9012, Bull is further enhancing its offerings designed to support the rationalization and consolidation of large-scale data centers. For major corporations and government bodies alike, modernizing their legacy infrastructures gives them much greater room for maoeuvre in a difficult economic climate. By combining data security, application performance, IT resource optimization and open links to industry standards and the world of Open Source, the new novascale gcos 9012 mainframes represent a giant leap forward for critical applications.

2.5 times increase in processing power, systems administration via an off-the-shelf tablet

With a 2.5 times increase in processing power, doubling of both memory capacity and I/O speed, twice the number of partitions: the new novascale gcos 9012 servers equipped of Intel® Itanium® 9560 processors offer unprecedented performance, modularity, robustness and flexibility while improving their total cost of ownership by 20% on average. Featuring advanced partitioning to support gcos 8, Linux® and Microsoft® Windows® environments simultaneously, the servers can be remotely administered using an off-the-shelf tablet.

"The new novascale gcos 9012 mainframes meet the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission's requirements in terms of performance, openness and reliability," said Mike Evans, CIO of the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. "They will be used as the foundation of our IT infrastructure for our critical business applications."

"We have designed the new novascale gcos 9012 servers in response to demands from major organizations who want to take the consolidation and rationalization of their core infrastructures another step further," explained Michel Guillemet, Executive VP, Bull Innovative Products. "With a 2.5 times increase in their usable processing power, and their reliability and flexibility, they represent a giant leap forward for critical applications."

Rationalizing the heart of critical IT infrastructures

With its powerful functionality, the Bull System Manager software suite efficiently controls the hardware and software within the novascale gcos 9012 servers. Remote administration of these resources is possible via an off-the-shelf tablet such as an Apple® iPad®, which gives system administrators easy access to the relevant applications developed by Bull, as well as to technical documentation.

The novascale gcos 9012 servers also benefit directly from the increase in power delivered by the 8-core Intel® Itanium® 9560 processors; which feature extended high-availability functions such as memory card isolation, with no resulting performance loss thanks to DIMM sparing.

"Intel and Bull are strategic long-term partners," confirmed Patrick Buddenbaum, Director of Intel's Mission-Critical Computing Segment. "We are continuing to extend our collaboration, to offer leading-edge technologies from mainframes to supercomputers. With the latest Intel Itanium Series 9500 processors, the novascale gcos 9012 family offers customers new levels of performance without disrupting their operating environments."

Powerful database server

novascale gcos servers deliver very high levels of availability for gcos 8 applications while at the same time making it easy for them to be integrated with other applications in open environments. Their MESCA architecture features a new DBSP database server that is twice as powerful as the previous solution. Equipped with Intel® Xeon® processors, it enables gcos 8 applications to access the vast majority of available databases. Access performance between gcos 8 applications and the database is facilitated by an ultra-fast InfiniBand link designed initially for supercomputers. This type of infrastructure has already been successfully implemented for major customers such as CNAF* in France, which executes around a billion requests a day in a gcos 8 PostgreSQL environment.

An extremely energy-efficient mainframe

The novascale gcos 9012 features Intel® Itanium® processors that consume almost 10% less energy than the previous generation, while delivering much greater power. They are also equipped with redundant power supplies with 93% efficiency and an ultra-capacitor system developed by Bull to protect against micro power outages. The gcos 8 software - which enables the system to achieve very high utilization rates - further enhances the energy efficiency of the entire system.


novascale gcos 9012 will be available from December 2012

gcos 9012 server & iPad controller
novascale gcos 9012 server and iPad administration controller

 * CNAF: Caisse Nationale d'Allocations Familiales - the family branch of the French social security system

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