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Bull ranked number 1 in the GAIA index for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and assessed as 'Gold' level by EcoVadis.

Paris, October  17, 2013 -

Bull, one of the world's leading companies specializing in critical systems, has been recognized for its on-going actions to promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), by achieving first place in the GAIA1 index of 230 companies quoted on the Paris Stock Market - excluding the CAC 40 - ranked according to their performance in terms of sustainable development. Last year, Bull had climbed to 11th place in the overall GAIA rankings. The 2013 GAIA index also ranks Bull as number one for CSR in the large company category (for firms with revenues in excess of €500 million) and in the services companies category.

Bull's approach to CSR has also been recognized by EcoVadis2 , which regularly assesses the CSR performance of almost 20,000 businesses, with the award of its highest level of assessment: Gold. Last year, Bull was already ranked among the top 10% of the most highly regarded IT companies for CSR by EcoVadis.

"We are extremely proud of this distinction, which proves that Bull is capable of developing its products and services while at the same time building a platform of sustainable growth, that respects the main social, societal and environmental states of balance and will enable us to tackle the challenges of the future," commented Philippe Vannier, Chairman and CEO of the Bull Group. "Our CSR policy represents both a commitment to that future and a key driver of the Group's performance. Technologies such as Big Data, connected objects, computer simulation, the Cloud and Green IT are tools that Bull is using to support sustainable development."

Bull's approach to CSR

Since 2010 - in line with the Group's strategy and in recognition of the huge challenges faced by the IT sector - Bull's approach to CSR has been structured around eight themes, divided between two key areas: Corporate Responsibilities (governance, ethics, social engagement and societal engagement) and Business Responsibilities (environment, responsible sourcing, Green IT and IT for change). This highly pragmatic approach focuses on concrete actions and initiatives that create added value wherever the company operates.

1 Gaia is the leading index measuring the Responsible Social Investment (RSI) actions of small and medium-sized French businesses against strict criteria for evaluating the environmental and social responsibilities and corporate governance.

2 EcoVadis provides the leading solution dedicated to the integration and monitoring of Sustainable Development practices into the procurement process. Combining innovative technologies and CSR expertise, EcoVadis helps both purchasers and suppliers to adopt the most sustainable practices over the long term.


Appendix 1

From CSR to a new dynamic: 'IT for change'

Digital innovation is response to societal challenges

The 'IT for change' dynamic corresponds to the use of new digital tools that speed up transformations towards a sustainable economic model in line with sustainable development challenges, such as better energy efficiency, lower carbon emissions, gradual elimination of the use of scarce raw materials, positive energy buildings, totally recyclable goods, more efficient public transport, new public services, new preventive medicine tools, greater security for all...

The Bull Group is heavily involved in this movement for change through the medium of the digital tools and solutions it offers, in areas such as Big Data, connected objects, computer simulation, security, Open Source, the Cloud and sector-specific solutions.

Raising awareness in Europe and worldwide

In 2013, the European Commission clearly demonstrated how research and innovation into digital technologies delivers very concrete responses to the challenges faced by society. In another report published in 2013 the French government, for its part, reiterated that the all the businesses in sectors that have been transformed by digital technology account for almost 80% of GDP. Finally, the Climate Group, in its Smart 2020 report, reaffirmed that the use of new digital technologies is one of the primary means for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Faced with the considerable economic and societal changes engendered by digital technology, company directors must continue to do everything in their power to measure the potential impact on their businesses. The IDC/Syntec Numérique/Top Management France barometer - dedicated to measuring the digital maturity of French senior management - shows that there is growing awareness of how digital can significantly boost corporate performance. But also that "the qualitative leap towards digital transformation still remains to be made in many sectors" and "business innovation can no longer rely on optimum access to internal and external digital resources".

Appendix 2

From CSR to a new dynamic: 'Green IT'

Digital innovation to promote energy efficiency

In 2011, Bull was awarded first prize by the European Commission for 'exceptional implementation of energy performance for data centers'. In 2012, bullion, Bull's newest family of enterprise servers, recorded 30% to 70% higher energy efficiency than its main rivals, thanks to a number of patented technology advances.

In 2013, Bull inaugurated 'Bull 5', its brand new Data Center at Les Clayes sous Bois, in France. This features a 'free cooling' system and delivers high levels of energy efficiency, with a PUE of 1.3. The principle of free cooling involves using air drawn from outside the building as much as possible to cool the IT infrastructures inside.

Also in 2013, Bull launched Mobull Free Cooling: an ultra-dense Data Center in a container that is thermally insulated, waterproof and weather resistant, requiring little in the way of infrastructures and capable of being installed either within a building or directly, outside.

To complement this, Bull offers its customers a staged approach to Data Center optimization. This Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) approach comes in at the point where the functions of General Services and the IT Department meet, in most organizations. It enables the physical surroundings that constitute the Data Center to be properly aligned with the contents within, and optimizes energy consumption, operations and service levels.

About Bull

Bull is a leader in secure mission-critical digital systems. The Group is dedicated to developing and implementing solutions where computing power and security serve to optimize its customers' information systems, to support their business.

Bull operates in high added-value markets including computer simulation, Cloud computing and 'computing power plants', outsourcing and security.

Currently Bull employs around 9,300 people across more than 50 countries, with nearly 1,000 staff totally focused on R&D. In 2012, Bull recorded revenues of €1.3 billion.

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