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Bull combines density and performance with the launch of the NovaScale® 3005 series

Bull completes its NovaScale Intensive range of servers based on Intel® Itanium® 2 processors with the NovaScale 3005 series.
Entry servers of the NovaScale Intensive range, they are designed to support clustered scientific and business applications and:

- Reflect Bull's unique expertise in the new-generation Intel® Itanium® 2 'Montecito' processors
- Complement the NovaScale 5005 series launched in March 2006, providing a powerful entry level solution
- Combine power and density to provide up to 20 8-core servers in a single cabinet.

Paris, June  28, 2006 -

Bull unveils the new NovaScale 3005 range of open servers. Based on Intel® Itanium® 2 'Montecito' processors, these servers have been designed for the deployment of clustered IT infrastructures that feature anything from a few dozen to several thousand processors. These remarkably fast new servers are destined to respond to growing capacity and memory access requirements. They target the processing of the kinds of complex requests made by business intelligence, data analysis and scientific computing applications.

"Having delivered Europe's largest and most powerful supercomputer ¿ entirely equipped with thousands of Intel® Itanium® 2 'Montecito' processors - Bull is further confirming its commitment to systems based on the latest dual-core technologies with the launch of the NovaScale 3005 series of servers," said Michel Lepert, General Manager of Bull Products and Systems activities.

Higher density, greater performance, lower electrical power consumption and less heat output

The new NovaScale 3005 servers deliver an enhanced density/performance ratio, while the lower electrical power consumption and heat output of the Intel® Itanium® 2 'Montecito' processors mean that they deliver 2.5 times the performance per watt compared with Itanium 2 'Madison' processors.

Destined for applications running under Windows® and Linux®, the new servers replace the NovaScale 4000 series and complement the NovaScale 5005 range of high-end SMP servers. Compared with its predecessors, NovaScale 3005 delivers twice the performance, with an improved price/performance ratio - opening up whole new horizons for applications that require clusters with significant processing power.

In common with all NovaScale servers, the new models are administered using NovaScale Master, the software suite specially developed by Bull to ensure ease of operation and reduce server infrastructure administration costs.

"The competitive price/performance of the dual core Montecito processor makes Bull's new NovaScale 3005 systems an excellent choice for demanding HPC applications. The University of Manchester is keen to continue its tradition of leading the way in the early deployment of promising new technologies and thus is delighted to be the first in the UK to deploy a Montecito based HPC system," said Andrew Jones, High End Computing Development Manager, The University of Manchester.

Three models available, for 2-8 core scalability

The three models in the new NovaScale 3005 series feature up to four Intel® Itanium® 2 'Montecito' dual-core processors.

  • The NovaScale 3025 and NovaScale 3045 are particularly well suited to production environments requiring intensive use of I/O functions:

    - The NovaScale 3025 features between one and two dual-core processors and eight integrated disk bays.
    - The NovaScale 3045 features between one and four dual-core processors and eight integrated disk bays.

  • The NovaScale 3045 COMPACT enables the construction of very large clusters dedicated to delivering optimum processing power. It features between one and four dual-core processors and two integrated disk bays in an ultra-compact format (only '2Us').

Availability and price

First servers will be available starting August 2006.

The price of an entry-level configuration including one dual-core Intel® Itanium® 2 9020 processor and 4 GB of memory, and 73 GB of disks is €11.3K.

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